Welcome to Episode 18 of The Good Life Well Lived podcast, in this episode I am joined by Nicola Humber. Nicola is a leader of and mentor to unbound women. She activates recovering good girls to embrace their so-called imperfections and shake off the tyranny of ‘shoulds’, so they can be their fullest, most magnificent unbound selves.

Nicola left a comfortable 9-5 in finance back in 2009 to retrain as a hypnotherapist and coach. Since then she has helped hundreds of women worldwide to overcome blocks and shift limiting beliefs, so they can achieve their goals.

Nicola’s first book Heal Your Inner Good Girl struck a chord with recovering good girls everywhere and the highly-anticipated follow-up, UNBOUND, is out on now.

It was such a treat to get to talk to Nicola… her maiden name is actually Nicola Semple(!) and for years we have been mistaken for each other in the online world.

In this episode we talk about how we can all ditch the things that we think and feel we should be doing and find our own freedom in the things that truly light us up.


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Heal Your Inner Good Girl

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