Beatrix SchmidtWelcome to The Good Life Well Lived podcast, today in episode 51 I am talking to Beatrix Schmidt, sleep coach, speaker and author of The Sleep Deep Method.

We’ve all had the occasional bad night’s sleep or maybe even a run of nights where we have struggled to either get to sleep or stay asleep. We have also had to struggle with the aftermath the next day, when we have felt tired, grumpy, short tempered and generally just not the best version of ourselves.

So imagine how you would feel if you suffered from a long term sleep condition and struggling to survive on limited sleep each night?

Beatrix specialises in helping people with extreme sleep issues such as insomnia by helping them to make changes to all aspects of their lifestyle. She believes that sleep is a skill that can be developed, by anyone and at any time of life.

This episode will be of particular interest to those that suffer from or have friends and family that suffer from insomnia. But even if you are not personally impacted by insomnia Beatrix shares some great advice that we can all take on board to help us to sleep better and have more energy and vitality.

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