Nicola SempleWelcome to Episode 53 of The Good Life Well Lived Podcast.  In preparation for our first birthday celebrations I was digging around behind the scenes to and analysing the show’s stats. I discovered that the most downloaded episode by a mile was a conversation with Shivonne Graham from Women for Women International.

Shivonne was the Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communication at Women for Women International when I recorded the episode.   She is now their Managing Director.  In this episode we talk about the great work that Women for Women International do to support women in countries that are affected by conflict.

We also discuss the lessons we all can learn from these incredible women and how while we may come from very different social and geographical backgrounds, we have more in common that that which divides us.

I was delighted that this was our most downloaded episode for a number of reasons. Women for Women is an incredible charity but over and above that Shivonne is a truly inspirational lady, who is, without a doubt, living her own version of a good life well lived.


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