Do You Work for a Professional Services Firm?

Have you climbed the ranks in a Professional Services firm and now wondering if it is still the right career path for you?

Are you at a career crossroads (e.g. working towards a promotion, returning to work after a break, transitioning into a new organisation, stepping up in your current role) and would benefit from support to build your confidence and fulfill your potential?

Are You Responsible for Talent in a Professional Services Firm?

Are you a professional services organisation looking to retain and develop talent?

Do you have a member of your team experiencing a milestone moment (e.g. preparing for promotion, returning to work after a break) or in need of additional support to be successful in their current role?

My name is Nicola Semple, a Career and Confidence Coach and ex Business Change Consultant.

I can help you build your career confidence and achieve your career goals. I can also partner with your organisation to help your people do the same.

Click the button below and let’s set up a time to chat about how I can support you.

From podcasts to social media content and blog posts there are lots of ways that I can help you to build your career confidence.

Put on your headphones, make yourself comfortable and listen to inspiring stories, practical strategies, hints and tips on The Career Confidence Podcast.

My 52 card deck contains observations, prompts and questions that help you develop and embed the belief that you are enough, just as you are.

Want to know more about how I can help you or your organisation? Send me a message.

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