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Nicola Semple

Before I take on a new Client we have an initial call to make sure we hit it off. You need to make sure that I am the Coach for you and I need to be sure that I am the best person to help you.

Then we work in collaboration to create a package that is bespoke to you. I have a number of standard packages that you can read about below, however, I will create the right vehicle to help you get the results that you want.

Finally, if you decide to proceed then we need to commit that we are going‘all in’. Signing up for a coaching package will NOT get you where you want to be. Being open to the coaching process and doing the work (both in and between sessions) is where the magic will happen.

Get Unstuck, Nicola Semple

Get Unstuck

This is for you if:

You have a very specific career dilemma (e.g. you are unsure whether you should accept a new role, you need to prepare for a difficult conversation with your boss) and you want to talk through your options in a safe space.

You want to get clear on your next steps and create a plan of action to move you forward.

You would value short, sharp, laser coaching.

Career Clarity, Nicola Semple

Career Clarity

This is for you if:

You are considering a career change but you have no idea what that might look like or even if it would be the right thing to do.

You know you have experience and skills to share but you can’t see how to use them in anything other than your current context.

You want to stop spinning your wheels and decide whether to change your career path or to go all in with your current role.

Career Companion, Nicola Semple

Career Companion

This is for you if:

You are about to or have just made a change to your career (e.g. working towards a promotion, returning to work after a break, stepping into a new role) and want ongoing support to achieve your goals.

You would benefit from a regular opportunity to have space to reflect, understand the value you deliver and build your confidence.

You would value a combination of coaching and mentoring so that you perform at your best, maintain perspective and build a career aligned with your values.

New Job Confidence Accelerator, Nicola Semple

New Job Confidence Accelerator

This is for you if:

You are just about to or have just started in a new role or a new organisation.

You are determined to make an excellent first impression and a positive impact during your first 90 days.

You would value a confidential sounding board and a combination of coaching and mentoring to help you navigate this challenging and important time.

Career Transformation, Nicola Semple

Career Transformation

This is for you if:

You have a successful corporate career, have climbed the career ladder, and find yourself in a relatively senior position (e.g. Director level at a Professional Services firm), largely by accident rather than because you had a structured career plan or goal.

You are highly regarded and are given opportunities because people know that you will get the job done, no matter what.

You are exceptionally committed to your organisation and to your team.


You have lost your spark.

You are increasingly questioning whether this is how you want to spend your life.

You wonder whether you should be directing your considerable skills and talents to a more meaningful and purposeful endeavour.

You are very aware that life is short, time is ticking, and you don’t want to waste that time.


You feel trapped in your current role because you don’t have a clear idea of what you would do instead.

You are aware of the privileged position you are in and question whether you should be rocking the boat.

You want your next step to be intentional. You are willing to do ‘the work’ to help you uncover what that next step should be, however, you have no idea what ‘the work’ entails.

You are ready for change

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What Clients Say About Working With Me:

“I have now been working with Nicola for 9 months. Her impact has been incredible, she has supported me to find the confidence to take control of the next phase of my career. Her approach is supportive and caring but she knows exactly when to challenge and encourage me to take action and to keep on working towards my long term goal.”


International Head of Learning and Development at Law Firm

“Nicola was a great support, during a time when I had a professional low and moment of feeling ‘stuck’. She helped me to uncover the confidence to take the next step in my career. I’ve really enjoyed her support, challenge and motivation.
Nicola is infectiously driven and straightforward!”


Management Consultant

“I knew that I wanted something to change but I wasn’t sure what. I felt as though  wasn’t doing a good job in any aspect of life. When I was working I felt like I wasn’t a good enough mum but when I was taking time with the kids I felt like I wasn’t giving work enough attention. I was also struggling to let go of the business that I had been running for 8 years. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to feel much more in control of my emotions and have a greater sense of clarity and perspective about returning to the corporate world after running my business for so long. The work you do makes a difference to people’s lives in such a positive way. Thank you!!”


Infrastructure Programme Manager

“Nicola is an amazing coach but more than that, she’s a wonderful human being! She has such a caring and compassionate nature, and really made me feel comfortable and supported. I went to Nicola when I was transitioning into a new role and I was aware I was standing in my own way. I was putting unrealistic expectations on myself of needing to have everything figured out which either prevented me from giving things a go or made me feel like I was falling short. Nicola really helped me to see things differently and discover a new perspective. She gave some great advice and tools to help me move forward.”


Head of Recruitment

Nicola Semple

About Nicola Semple

I am an exceptional and experienced Career and Confidence Coach and an ex-Business Change Consultant with a Big 4 background. My favourite snippets of client feedback are “infectiously driven and straightforward”, “kind, insightful, but doesn’t let me off the hook” and “we covered some tough topics, but I always left our sessions with energy, and a sense that I had fun!”

If you are looking for a Coach who will have you out of bed at 4.30 am undertaking a gruelling morning routine to set you up for #success and #smashyourgoals, you won’t want to work with me.

If you are looking for a Coach who will ask open questions and allow you to go around in circles reflecting for hours on end (but getting nowhere), you won’t want to work with me either.

If you are looking for somebody to help you unravel the spaghetti in your head, help you get clear on what you want from your career and life, and support you so that you do the work to get it, we should talk!

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