About Nicola Semple

Hi, I’m Nicola Semple. Certified Mindset Coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Host of The Good Life Well Lived Podcast.

I’m a Mum of 2 and love good food, travel, walking and reading.

My work is focused on how we can ALL create our own version of a good life well lived.

I believe that the key to living a fulfilled life is identifying what a good life well lived means for us, doing the work to make it happen and enjoying the journey along the way.

I have developed an extensive toolkit grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience to support you.

I am a Certified Mindset Coach, an NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis Practitioner, a Mindfulness Teacher, British Psychological Society Level A and B certified and a Mental Health First Aider.

I work with each client on an individual basis depending on their needs and always with candour and compassion


Where I Spend My Good Life Well Lived


Glasgow will always be ‘home home’. And the Duke of Wellington will always have a cone on his head. It’s a great story which sums up the humour and people of Glasgow. 

After 10 years in London, Earlswood became home about 8 years ago. Perfectly positioned between London (city) and Brighton (coast) it gives us the best of both worlds and has a community atmosphere that is second to none. 

Photo credits to Artist Susie West. She has created 102 contemporary art prints of towns across the UK. Perhaps you will spot where you live!

What Makes Me Who I Am?

Lifelong Learner: 1st Class Hons in International Business, MSc Organisational Behaviour, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development qualified, British Psychological Society Level A and B, Professional Mindfulness Practitioner, graduate of Google’s Search Inside Yourself: Mindfulness and Leadership Programme and a trained Mental Health First Aider. If the truth be told, I was a bit of a swot at school and you would probably have found me a bit annoying!

A Proud Hummingbird: Hummingbird? You may be familiar with the term multipotentialite or scanner. Basically ways of describing people who have lots of different interests and fingers in lots of pies. The wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert uses a much more elegant term to describe people like me. A Hummingbird. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I was never able to stick with one thing for long. Now I see the value of being a hummingbird and the value that brings to the world.

Connector of Dots: I have the ability to make connections that may not be immediately obvious to other people. I can connect people that I know will get along brilliantly or that I know will bring synergy to a project. I can also connect ideas together to create a cohesive whole. It’s part of my hummingbird nature. I cross-polinate, taking an idea or a person from one place, adding it to another and so on until something completely new is created and born.

Curious: I’m interested, mainly in people, in what makes them tick and how they work. It always astonishes me that when I strike up conversation with people they don’t ask me more questions. I love to ask people questions and I usually learn something from their answers. 

Would We Get On?

I’m an introvert. So while you’ll find me at the party, I’m much more likely to be engaged in conversation with a small group of people in the kitchen and I will most definitely need a day to myself afterwards to recharge.

I love to travel. In the past this meant visiting lots of different places and fitting as much in as I possibly could (my husband and I can easily ‘do a city’ in 24 hours). Now that I have children I still like to explore new destinations but I also see the beauty in revisiting familiar places.  

Food is an important part of my good life well lived. I love to cook and to entertain. Nothing makes me happier than inviting round a big group of friends and their kids, spending the day prepping and then enjoying a good meal and allowing the kids to do their own thing and descend into chaos.

I find it impossible to select my favourite food as it all depends on circumstances and mood. However, there is always a time and a place for chocolate. From 80% Ecuadiorian dark to a treat size Toffee Crisp. I’m no chocolate snob.

I’m a voracious reader, mainly non-fiction (personal development books and biographies) and modern fiction. I admit that, these days, I struggle to maintain concentration when reading the classics.

I swim like an old lady, head above water at all times but I love it. One of my happy places is being in an outdoor heated swimming pool in the middle of winter.

I love talk radio, podcasts and audio books. While I also love music, if I am home alone I am much more likely to listen to somebody talking to keep me company.  

I HATE getting my photo taken, in fact 3 years ago I would never have shared a picture on this page.

I also hate, in no particular order:

  • Grumpy people – a smile and a little kindess costs nothing
  • Oysters – fishy snot, need I say more?
  • Swimming in open water – who knows what is swimming alongside you?!?
  • Liquorice – yuck just yuck!

I look forward to getting to know you better! Drop me a line and let me know more about you. 

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