About The Good Life Well Lived

The Good Life Well Lived is all about living a fulfilled life by identifying what a good life well lived means for us, doing the work to make it happen and enjoying the journey along the way.

Through my my writing, speaking and teaching I hope to inspire you to make the changes required in your own life so that you are living your own version of a good life well lived.


How Can You Get Involved?

The best way that you can get involved is by letting my little birdy drop a message into your inbox each week. It’s here that I share updates, blog posts, resources and podcast episodes to get you thinking and taking action. 

The Good Life Well Lived Manifesto

The Good Life Well Lived Manifesto is a work in progress and I guess always will be a work in progress. It is my way of summing up the key areas that I believe are essential for a good life well lived. You might agree with my list or you might come up with another list entirely. That is the beauty of a good life well lived. It is unique to each and every single one of us.  As I often say one (wo)man’s heaven is another (wo)man’s hell!

The Good Life Well Lived Podcast

If audio is your thing then check out The Good Life Well Lived Podcast. A mixture of interviews and solo episodes designed to get you thinking about all aspects of your good life well lived. You can access all of the episodes from the podcast directory or on iTunes.

Some popular episodes are:

Episode 37 – How Women Can Help Women And Change The World

Episode 38 – Why Does Everybody Have Their Act Together Except Me?

Episode 50 – Keeping the Show On The Road While Managing a Chronic Illness with Jo Gifford

Episode 54 – Accepting Yourself Just as You Are 

Mindfulness for Busy People

For me, slowing down and spending more time in the present moment was the key that unlocked my good life well lived. Before that I was so busy all the time that my time, energy and attention was focused on spinning all the plates that I had no clear vision of what was actually important to me. 

Mindfulness for Busy People is my way of helping others to slow take, take a breath and focus on what is important. It is different to most other mindfulness programmes in that it is hugely practical. Yes, I encourage you to develop a mindfulness practice, meditation being part of that.

However, I also encourage you to spend time thinking about your own situation, what is important to you and help you to take action to rebalance your life so that you move closer to your vision of a good life well lived.