When I ask potential clients “will it be you or your employer paying for the coaching?” I am often met with disbelief.

People ask, “why on earth would my employer pay for my coaching?”

And my response is that there are lots of reasons why your employer would pay for coaching!!!

If you are contemplating a career change or moving organisations then you are unlikely to ask your employer to pay for a Get Unstuck or a Career Clarity package.

However, if you are keen to embark on a Career Companion or a Career Mindset Makeover then undoubtedly your organisation will gain as a result and may be willing to invest in your development.

The key questions to consider are:

  • How would the organisation benefit from you undertaking 1:1 coaching?
  • How would your team benefit from undertaking 1:1 coaching?
  • How could you pay it forward and share the skills that you develop as a result of 1:1 coaching with others in your organisation?

This episode of The Career Confidence Podcasts provides further advice and guidance on How to Ask Your Employer to Pay For Coaching:

You can download my guide to creating your business case to ask your employer to pay for coaching by clicking the image below:

Book a free no obligation call if you would value a discussion about how to ask your employer to pay for coaching. If helpful, I am also happy to attend a meeting with your employer to help explain how coaching can benefit both you and your organisation.