Last week I spent time in Madrid celebrating my husband’s birthday. It was 48 hours of child free indulgence and it was awesome!

On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of meeting an incredible lady called Arantxa, we went on a local food and market tour and Arantxa was our guide.

She was everything you would imagine a guide on a Spanish food tour would be. Utterly beautiful inside and out, passionate, vivacious, knowledgeable and lots and lots of fun.

Arantxa works at the Cordon Bleu school during the week and a few weekends a month, to earn some extra money, she takes on the role of tour guide and shares her knowledge of her incredible city and it’s food with tourists.

I developed quite a girl crush on Arantxa!

She told me that she wasn’t a fan of modern technology and that she often forgets to email the paperwork to the tour company and take photos of the groups and post on social media.

Arantxa’s passion is food not business.

On the flight back I drifted off into a little haze (not sleeping, not awake, just in a very lovely place!) and daydreamed about all the ways that Arantxa could use her passion and knowledge to build her own business.

Some people daydream about trips to exotic islands, I like to daydream and conjure up imaginary businesses for people that I meet!

Arantxa has all of the passion required to build a successful business but from the conversation that I had with her it’s clear that she doesn’t have the business know-how.

We are always being told to ‘Follow Our Passion’ but just blindly following our passion does not result in a successful business and more importantly a healthy profit.

Following your passion along with having the knowledge to build a successful business is where the magic happens.

If you don’t have that business building knowledge then the good news is that there are plenty of people that do.

At the age of 17 the only thing I wanted to study at University was International Business. I spent 11 years in the corporate world helping multinationals and government departments to grow.

Over the last 7 years, I have mentored countless women (certainly over 100) to take the leap and start up by themselves.

I love to read and my genre of choice is business and personal development books.

My passion is business.

I love helping people to take the germ of an idea and turn into something tangible.

I love helping people to know what they want to achieve and then mapping out a plan to get them there.

I love showing people how they can take their idea, their passion, share it with the world and get paid well for it.

So what about you? What is your passion? And do you have the business knowledge to bring that passion alive?

If you don’t have that business knowledge then what is lacking? How can you plug the gaps? Who can help you?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are struggling with. If I can’t help you directly you can be pretty sure that I will know ‘a woman who can’!

Passion alone will not be enough to build your business. But when passion and business knowledge collide that is where the magic happens.