When I started off on the 30 Day Blogging Challenge I committed to blogging about topics relating to my business and my life.

I realise that I have got to day 6 and all of my posts so far are either directly or indirectly related to my business. Talking and writing about my business comes much more naturally to me than talking and writing about my personal opinions, it’s my comfort zone.

But the blogging challenge is all about testing boundaries and operating outside of my comfort zone so here is a more personal one today.

Why are so many people grumpy all the time?

I really can’t fathom it.  I live in Surrey in the U.K. I appreciate that the country is having or emerging from (depending on what you read) a tough time but we still live in one of the most privileged countries in the world.

I know that the ‘daily grind’ can get us down, wake up, get everybody ready and out of the house, kids to school or childcare, work, pick up kids, homework, dinner, sleep and this cycle operates on repeat.

For those with children the school holidays punctuate this routine with relief and a break from the routine but also the additional stress of what to do with the kids so that work can be done and businesses can be run.

But really?  A simple smile and a pleasant word is not that hard to find.

I’m no saint and I do on occasion have a moan and offload onto friends. It’s healthy to get these things off your chest from time to time. But ‘from time to time’ is the key part of that sentence.

There are people that I know who see the gloomy side to everything and I mean everything…. From the weather to the strength of their morning cup of tea!

These are people who have their health, they live in a free country with their civil liberties intact, a roof over their heads, a job, education for their children and enough disposable income for a few of life’s luxuries.

Life is good, yet for some reason they just can’t see it.  Rather than being grateful for and celebrating the abundance in their lives they choose to focus on what is missing and what they are lacking.

Sometimes their grumpiness makes me a bit grumpy(!)

Don’t they realise all the amazing things that they have in their life?

And again, I will reiterate, I’m not talking about the ‘I’m having a bad day and I need to offload’ people, I’m talking about the ones that walk around with a permanent rain cloud over their head, immediately distrustful of everybody they come into contact with.

I would encourage the ‘grumpy pumps’ (as we call them in my house) to consider the people who have a real cause to be grumpy, those people that:

  • Don’t live in a country where they can express themselves freely
  • Don’t have a home to call their own
  • Are battling through a terminal illness
  • Have recently lost a loved one
  • Don’t have enough money to feed their kids
  • That have a REAL reason to feel grumpy!

So if you don’t have a real reason to be grumpy then turn that frown upside down and spread a little happiness in the world!