Home Retreat

Home Retreat Made Simple Resource Pack


I’m delighted that you have made the decision to download the Home Retreat Made Simple Resource Pack.

The best place to get started is the Home Retreat Guide which has step by step instructions on what is required before, during and after your retreat.

The Home Retreat Guide has links to all of the other resources that you need. For ease of reference, these have also been listed below:

Home Retreat Reflection Workbook

Intentions for My Retreat Worksheet

Permission Slip Worksheet

Ground Rules Worksheet

Retreat Planning Worksheet

50 Journaling Prompts

Home Retreat Reading List

Home Retreat Video List

Home Retreat Health and Wellbeing Resources


You can use the meditations as part of your Home Retreat and beyond. Incorporating meditation into your daily life is a great way to take some time out and pause each day and at the same time build your muscle of attention to help you direct your attention where you want it to go.

To play the meditation, click on the link below.

To download the meditation, click on the link below, hover over the box to the right hand side of the player with three dots and select download.

I’m super excited for you and can’t wait to hear how you use this pack to create your own oasis of calm.

Remember, if you would some 1:1 support bringing your retreat to life then I would love to help. You can access more information HERE

Or if you are ready to crack on and get started with your retreat, keep me updated by email nicola@nicolasemple.com or even better tag me on Instagram and let me see the magic unfold for you!

Much love,