Sunday Blues – does that sound familiar? Let me tell you a little about how I have replaced the Sunday Blues with the Sunday Sparkle.

It has been half term in the UK this week and it has felt like a LONG week. In a good way.

I’ve had a few London adventures with the kids and we spent some time visiting my family in Scotland.

In many respects it was a perfect week. We have even enjoyed some winter sunshine and noticed the first buds of spring over the past couple of days.

Earlier tonight I noticed I had a ‘fizzy’ feeling in my tummy. There have been a lot of bugs going around so I was super-vigilant. What was it? Was I about to come down with something? Were we all about to go down with something?

And then I realised. The ‘fizzy’ feeling was excitement.

Phew!  Thank goodness for that!

When the kids go back to school I have got a pretty cool half-term’s worth of work lined up (my world operates in half-term blocks). My podcast is about to launch, I’ve got some amazing content lined up to share with you and, most importantly, I am working with some extraordinarily interesting clients.

Life is good.

Once upon a time, Sundays heralded the Sunday Blues. That feeling of impending dread before returning to the routine of the working week.

The Sundays after a holiday (no matter how short) were painful beyond belief. My poor, long suffering husband had to deal with the tears and the tantrums. I never wanted to go back. I knew that while I was doing ‘a good job’ there was better work to be done elsewhere.

Goodbye Sunday Blues, Hello Sunday Sparkle

And now… now… I am so completely, utterly and truly grateful that I get to do work that I love to do.

That I get to spend the time with the people that matter to me the most.

That I get to help others make (even the smallest) changes to the way that they live their life that will ultimately bring them happiness.

How do you feel on a Sunday evening?

Excited about the week ahead? I hope so.

Dreading the week ahead? What needs to change? I would encourage you to think completely outside of your current existence. If you were sitting on a Sunday night looking out on the week ahead and feeling excited (perhaps even with a fizzy tummy!) what would that week look like?

What could you do this week to take you one (even one tiny) step closer to that week?

Write it down. Take the action. Nudge yourself forward. And enjoy the Sunday Sparkle

Create your very own good life and life it well.