It’s currently 21.55pm on Monday 4th March and approximately 5 minutes ago I came up with an idea to mark International Women’s Day this Friday.

I’m a bit late in the day coming up with this idea, but nothing ventured, nothing gained……

The topic of this week’s Good Life Well Lived Podcast was accepting yourself just as you are.

In this episode I encouraged you to embrace all of the things that make you unique and amazing. I even suggested that you draw a little picture of yourself to represent all of these great things.

This is me:

Women can be absolutely rubbish at acknowledging and embracing how brilliant they actually are.

At the weekend a friend posted on Facebook about suffering from imposter syndrome and she received a flurry of ‘me too’ comments from mutual friends (and from me!).

I know that all of those women are awesome and I know that I am awesome as well but sometimes it can be hard to see it.

Awesome looks like different things to different people.

For some it is doing extraordinary things – building an empire, winning awards, speaking on global stages.

For others it is doing very ordinary but very necessary things – getting the kids to school on time every single day, caring for elderly relatives, bringing in an income to feed your family.

Whatever your flavour of awesome, I want you to celebrate it. I would LOVE IT if you would share with me why you are awesome.

It’s easy. Fill in the form below. You can choose whether you share your name and contact details or you can remain completely anonymous.

I’ll collate the responses I receive by Thursday 7th March at 6pm and I’ll share them on Friday to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I really hope that you take part!

Much love

From the Woman That Gets A Million Ideas a Minute (and has implemented this one within 20 minutes of getting it!)