No matter what you set out to achieve in life some failure is inevitable and you will need to pick yourself back up. In an ideal world everything would be plain sailing and you will achieve all of your goals and quickly reach the heady heights of success.

Sadly that is not the case. At some point, in some shape or form, you will fail.

You can’t prevent these failures from happening but you can take control of how you respond to these setbacks and be able to pick yourself back up and bounce back from them.

Be Kind To Yourself

You didn’t make the mistake on purpose. What if somebody else had made that mistake? How would you react?

When we fail, our natural instinct is to beat ourselves up about it and we waste a lot of time and energy dwelling on our failure.

It’s time to be kind to ourselves. Accept that mistakes will happen, failure will happen.

Pick Yourself Back Up

Have a Pity Party

Give yourself permission to be miserable for 10 minutes. I’m being serious. If things have gone horribly wrong then you are going to feel bad about it.  Rather than trying to gloss over it give yourself a set amount of time to wallow in your unhappiness.

But restrict the amount of time.

Depending on the severity of the setback you may choose 10 minutes or an entire day but the rule is that once your time is up, your time is up!  It’s time to refocus and think about how to move yourself forward.

Decide to Be Positive

Every day you have a choice. You can be positive about life or you can be miserable.

When you are met with a set back in your business you still have this choice. You can choose to be positive or you can be miserable.

If you do choose to be miserable, it will be harder and it will take you much longer to pick yourself back up again. However, if you decide to adopt a positive mindset, then you can move on from each failure (because remember some failure is inevitable) without losing your enthusiasm.

Remaining positive even during the worst times will allow you to feel in control of your failures.

Pick Yourself Back Up

Give Yourself Time

Failure can be heartbreaking and if a project that you have been working on does not bring the success you wanted then you can’t expect to get over it in a day.

If you have failed on a product launch or lost a big client then accepted that it will take you time to get back to normal.  In the meantime, be grateful for what you do have.

There are many elements of your life and your business that you can not control.  One thing that you can control is how you respond to events and situations. So be happy with the small victories that you do experience as you piece yourself back together from a big failure.

Take the opportunity to step back and understand what went wrong and why you failed. This will put you in a stronger position to move forward successfully.

Focus on your other goals

When we fail at a big task, then we can improve our confidence by succeeding at small tasks. So focus your attention on smaller more achievable goals, and succeed at each one of them.

This is simple and motivating, and all the small steps that you are taking will eventually lead you back to your large undertaking.

Remember, a win is a win, no matter how small it seems.


Surround yourself with positive people

If you surround yourself with negative people then their negative mindset will eventually be passed on to you. You need to surround yourself with positive people who can encourage you to get back up once you have been knocked down by failure.

Their positivity and optimism will give you the motivation and confidence that you need to succeed.

pick yourself back up



Go Back and Revisit Your Why

Go back to your why. Why are you doing what you are doing? What is it important to you?

Your why is always the foundation of all of your actions. When you experience a set back then go back and remind yourself of your why.


Make Sure You Learn From Your Mistakes

If you want to succeed at anything, you need to remember that you will (probably many, many times) before getting to that point.

Keep this in mind each time you hit an obstacle or fail completely. And if you feel too afraid to experience the inevitable failures that accompany success, then you have to seriously question whether building your own business is for you.

The best thing that you can do each time you fail is to learn from your mistakes.

Don’t let your mistakes be your excuse to give up.   Turn those mistakes into your motivation to try again, and this time without making the same mistake.

You might make a mistake again the next time. But this time it will be a different mistake and you will learn from that as well.

Every time your mistake leads to failure, you have the unique opportunity to review what you are doing and tweak until you get your intended outcome.

Just imagine if Thomas Edison decided to give up on the light bulb the first time he failed. He didn’t give up, and after 999 times of failing and growing from his failures, his invention is now commonplace around the world.

pick yourself back up

Reframe Failure

We need to reframe how we think about failure. Every day before my 7 year old goes to school I tell her that I can’t wait to hear about the mistakes she makes that day.  I want her to know that making mistakes is a good thing because they are the most powerful way of learning.

She recently lost a mark in the weekly spelling quiz because she spelled Pompeii with a small ‘p’ as ‘pompeii’.  A few weeks later she had to spell Ancient Greece.  There was no way she was making the same mistake twice and she made sure that used her capital letters.

Failure is good. Failure gives the opportunity to learn. . Each failure is a lesson for greatness, and an opportunity to inch closer to success

Failure is normal, and every successful person has failed on numerous occassions. If they could succeed after failure, then you can too.

Pick yourself back up


My Final and Probably Most Important Pick Yourself Back Up Tip – Keep Going

Once you have failed at something and taken time to accept that failure you need to figure out what you will do next and then take action.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow for too long.  All you need to focus on is your next step and then the next one and then the next one.

You’ve got to keep on keeping on!