New Job Confidence Accelerator, Nicola Semple

New Job Confidence Accelerator

The New Job Confidence Accelerator is for you if:

  • You are just about to or have just started in a new role or a new organisation.
  • You are determined to make an excellent first impression and a positive impact during your first 90 days.
  • You would value a confidential sounding board and a combination of coaching and mentoring to help you navigate this challenging and important time.

The coaching sessions will focus on the specific challenges you are facing in your new role.

Previous clients have focused on:

  • Developing a 90 Day Plan to help you understand the company values, vision and priorities.
  • Building successful and influential relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Assessing the current state of the organisation and identifying where you can make quick wins and immediate impact.
  • Building inner confidence to feel competent and comfortable speaking up and sharing your point of view.
  • Crafting an authentic self-promotion plan to communicate your value in a way that is comfortable and authentic for you.
  • Creating your personal development action plan to fill any knowledge, skills or relationship gaps that will be critical for your success in the role.
  • Establishing clear boundaries so that you can create a manageable work/life balance, starting the way you mean to go!

The programme runs over a period of 3 months:

Session 1 (90 Minutes – ideally before you start in role)  – Identify your objectives for the first 90 days and plan out your first meeting with your new boss and key stakeholders.

Session 2-5 (1 hour on a fortnightly basis) – Review progress, address challenges as they unfold, and maintain accountability for actions agreed.

Session 6 (1 hour at the end of the 3 months) – Reflect on progress made over the last three months, create an action plan for the next 9 months to maintain momentum and to ensure a successful first year in your new role.

By the end of the programme, you will have confidently transitioned into your new role, have made an excellent first impression on key stakeholders and will be able to continue to make a positive impact.

Your Investment for the New Job Confidence Accelerator is £995

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Nicola Semple

About Nicola Semple

I am an exceptional and experienced Career and Confidence Coach and an ex-Business Change Consultant with a Big 4 background. My favourite snippets of client feedback are “infectiously driven and straightforward”, “kind, insightful, but doesn’t let me off the hook” and “we covered some tough topics, but I always left our sessions with energy, and a sense that I had fun!”

If you are looking for a Coach who will have you out of bed at 4.30 am undertaking a gruelling morning routine to set you up for #success and #smashyourgoals, you won’t want to work with me.

If you are looking for a Coach who will ask open questions and allow you to go around in circles reflecting for hours on end (but getting nowhere), you won’t want to work with me either.

If you are looking for somebody to help you unravel the spaghetti in your head, help you get clear on what you want from your career and life, and support you so that you do the work to get it, we should talk!

“I was looking to move from my current job into a role that, although in the same sector, required a different perspective and way of working and offered real opportunities for promotion. Having spent so long in my current role I doubted my ability to meet the requirements of the new role and I needed to boost my confidence if I wanted to succeed in progressing upwards. Although I had the advice of family and friends, it wasn’t enough and I hoped that seeking the support, skills and insight of a professional coach would enable me to develop the right mindset and ditch the imposter syndrome.

With Nicola’s help I worked through the limiting beliefs I had that were holding me back from taking the next step. She helped me clarify what was lacking in my current role and what the priorities were for any new role. She helped me better understand my strengths and weaknesses and together we developed strategies for dealing with my ‘confidence demons’. During my time working with Nicola I interviewed for and accepted a new role at a different company and she helped me prepare both practically and mentally for the new challenges that I will face. Thanks to Nicola I am entering this next phase with a new confidence I didn’t have before and an arsenal of tools and strategies to help me deal with the inevitable wobbles in my self-belief when they crop up in future.

I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough. Coaching sessions are an investment in your career in the same way that any technical qualification would be. So often it is mindset that holds us back from achieving the career we want and working with Nicola helped me develop the mindset I needed to make the leap into a new and different role.”


Director, Law Firm

“I knew that I wanted something to change but I wasn’t sure what. I felt as though  wasn’t doing a good job in any aspect of life. When I was working I felt like I wasn’t a good enough mum but when I was taking time with the kids I felt like I wasn’t giving work enough attention. I was also struggling to let go of the business that I had been running for 8 years. I am amazed at how quickly I was able to feel much more in control of my emotions and have a greater sense of clarity and perspective about returning to the corporate world after running my business for so long. The work you do makes a difference to people’s lives in such a positive way. Thank you!!”


Infrastructure Programme Manager

“I was stuck in a cycle where I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted but I knew that I had more to give than I was currently doing in my role. I wanted an outsider’s perspective and help from someone with the ability to do so. As a result of working with Nicola, I gained the courage to believe in myself more, identified my values and was able to paint a clear vision of what a successful career meant to me. I also became bold ao network and put myself out more. Whether it be coincidence or serendipity, a role came up in the period I was going through the coaching which I accepted.

I would highly encourage anyone who is thinking of working with Nicola to not give it a second thought. She is empathetic and a great listener but more importantly she has a gift, for want of a better word, for getting you to bring up those questions you have probably been ruminating about and answer them yourself while guiding you towards making a decision.

She was there to listen when I had questions, providing guidance while helping me trust myself.!”


Programme Manager

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