The Career Confidence Workbook

Download The Career Confidence Workbook or click on the image to the left to access.

The workbook has been designed to accompany The Career Confidence Toolkit and contains all of the reflection prompts and exercises.

As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. It’s not enough to just download the Workbook. You need to take the time to reflect and complete the exercises. I promise that if you do, little by little, clarity will emerge.

Any questions or if you would like a chat about how I could support you on a 1:1 basis to build your career confidence, feel free to email me at

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Here’s what other people have been saying about The Career Confidence Toolkit:

A friend, mentor, and coach all wrapped up into one book. There’s gold to be found in each chapter, and what’s more, you’ll get something new from it each time you read it!
Lucy Carter, Leadership Coach and Founder of Ten Opal Square

Simple, clear, and packing a powerful punch, this book offers so much for coaches as well as those seeking career confidence and clarity. Nicola has skilfully broken down and guides the reader through a process that (if committed to) will deliver lightbulb moments and actionable insights galore. I for one will be recommending it to clients to accompany our work together.”
Jacqui Jagger, Co-Founder Catalyst Careers

This book is like having a career confidence coach working right alongside you. I wish I’d read this book ten years ago! It’s a must for anyone asking themselves what they really want from their career and who wants to take action to get it.
Nickie Rose, Founder of Cultiv8 Coaching and Leadership