Corporate Coaching

You are an HR or Line Manager working within an organisation. You may have identified a member of your team that is:

  • Lacking confidence;
  • Finding it hard to settle into a new role;
  • Experiencing overwhelm and stuck in a cycle of perfectionism;
  • Struggling with work/life balance;
  • Feeling demotivated after missing out on a promotion;
  • Feeling unsure about future career direction;
  • Experiencing a ‘milestone moment’ in their life (e.g. addition to family, death in family, promotion, geographical move);
  • Questioning whether they can be successful while being true to themselves;
  • At risk of burning out.

You do not want the individual to fail in their current role or to leave the organisation. Coaching can provide the support they need.

Career and Confidence Coaching can:

  • Empower individuals and encourage them to take responsibility;
  • Enhance creativity leading to better decision making, healthy risk taking and increased innovation;
  • Improve individual and team performance;
  • Improve client service levels and client satisfaction;
  • Increase employee engagement and improve retention rates;
  • Reduce employee stress levels;
  • Improve performance and productivity;
  • Demonstrate organisational commitment to people development;
  • Improve diversity and inclusion across the organisation by supporting minority groups.

Full details of my Corporate Career and Confidence Coaching are available in the download below:

Nicola Semple_Career and Confidence Coaching.

Let’s Talk

Every organisation is different and every coaching arrangement is different. Let’s have a chat about how I can support you to help your employees be the best version of themselves.

You can contact me on nicola (@) and we can arrange a time to talk.